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Trusted Partner for Renewable Solutions

Renewable Solutions

Whether your aim is to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, fulfil regulatory obligations, or accomplish your sustainability goals, CleanMax provides solution for each of these. We provide rooftop solar power solutions with zero investment at a discount to grid tariff. In certain states, we also supply power through the grid from our solar, wind, and hybrid farms. If you prefer to make the investment yourself, we also offer a “CAPEX model”.

OPEX Model (Build-Own-Operate)

If you want to avoid the investment and the performance risk, ”OPEX/BOO” is the solution you are looking for. Under the OPEX/BOO renewable energy solutions model, you only pay for the renewable energy consumed, with zero investment on the asset, and you get round the clock clean energy using our solar, wind or wind solar hybrid solution along with energy storage. Typical cost savings for a consumer ranges from 20% to 40% lower than the grid tariffs. Operation and maintenance will be handled by us. Sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us to save on your power cost.


If you want to own the asset, you can make the investment and CleanMax will install the renewable energy plant for you, whether it’s a rooftop solar plant or an off-site solar/wind/wind solar hybrid farm . This is called the “CAPEX” model, in which you, the power consumer, owns the asset itself. Post installation, our expert engineers will also ensure that your plant operates efficiently under an operation & maintenance agreement. In the CAPEX Model, you will get an additional benefit of carbon footprint reduction and can claim a tax benefit through accelerated depreciation.

Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO)

The RESCO Model is favoured by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for solar rooftop installation , and is effectively the same as the OPEX Model, in which the customer only pays for the energy consumed, at a tariff lower than the grid electricity tariff, with zero investment, thus saving money in the process. The RESCO Model is used by various Government ministries to issue tenders to install rooftop solar plants, particularly on buildings owned or operated by the government, educational institutes and non-profit organizations. Both the Central and State Government agencies sometimes provide subsidies and favorable regulations for RESCO solar developers.

Maximizing electricity generation from our renewable energy plants

At CleanMax, maximizing plant performance starts with having all the right data. Our proprietary remote monitoring system collects the relevant information from all our sites and feeds it to our integrated maintenance platform. This allows us to:

Preventive maintenance
Immediately recognise and diagnose the maintenance problem.
Dispatch the right engineer to address the specific issue.
Renewable Energy Farms are located close to evacuation points reducing losses.
Assess whether plant performance is optimised.
Predictive / Diagnostic maintenance
Provide real-time performance to our customers using SCADA Application
Generate customized plant performance reports automatically.
Hassel free monthly power settlements as per commitments to ensure your overall company commitments to your shareholders.